Changes to our Membership Constitutional Requirements

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Changes to our Membership Constitutional Requirements

At the Riverland Customs & Classics February monthly meeting it was evident several members were not going to meet our constitutional requirements for membership before 30th June. The ensuing discussion resulted in our President arranging an executive committee meeting to sort this issue once and for all.

After deliberating for some time, the committee resolved the following:

  • Some current members want access to the club (cheap) registration scheme, but have difficulty meeting the requirements of club membership
  • Many other local classic car owners have chosen to join other organisations and clubs based outside the Riverland simply to access the club registration scheme for cheap rego
  • These organisations and clubs are not operating in the spirit of club registration as it was intended when established by the government
  • You are a member of a club to enjoy the interaction of like-minded people and what you can contribute to the club, not merely what you can get out of it ie. cheap rego
  • Consequently, and disappointingly it was decided if you can’t beat them, we may as well join them.
  • Therefore, the By-Laws for Riverland Customs & Classics have been changed, effective immediately
  • The 150klm distance clause has been deleted and members must now attend the Annual General Meeting and as many official Club events as practicable
  • It should be noted that members who do not attend the AGM and update their membership for the next financial year will have their details forwarded to the Registrar of Motor Vehicles and their club registration will be cancelled
  • Obviously only those members who involve themselves in the club and attend events will accumulate the points necessary to ultimately be awarded the “Club Person of the Year”

So, finally this contentious issue has been resolved. We trust those members who were troubled by the membership requirements will occasionally find time to participate and contribute to the future of Riverland Customs & Classics.