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History of Riverside Rodders

Many of the founding members of Riverside Rodders were originally members of Street Rods Unlimited (now Valley Hot Rodders) during the 70’s and enthusiastically travelled to club meetings in the Barossa Valley every month.

In 1981 and 1982 the Riverland based members organised and hosted the first two Riverside Campout events as a chapter of Street Rods Unlimited.

After the 1983 Australian Street Rod Federation Nationals Hot Rodding in the Riverland was gaining momentum with several enthusiasts outside the club and it was time to break our ties with SRU and Riverside Rodders was established.

During those early years, a number of members regularly attended the monthly meetings in Adelaide keeping in touch with the politics and regulatory side of Hot Rodding in South Australia. One of the members was even SA State Director for the ASRF over many years.

A strong core group of members

Also, in these early years Riverside Rodders were a force to contend with when it came to Club Stand at the annual Adelaide Hot Rod and Street Machine Spectacular and regularly received one of the top three awards.
They were also responsible for doing the unthinkable one year when combining with the now dissolved Riverland Street Machine Club to take out an award.

Unfortunately, during a couple years of unrest within the SA ASRF and the SA TAC in the mid-eighties, a few members decided to leave the club to build their cars outside the ASRF system.

During the ninety’s membership was small and the club experienced a lull in activities, even though they remained affiliated with the ASRF. Meetings were held on rare occasions after a phone around and social outings were arranged every few months, while some members kept an eye on the regulatory side within the state.

Early in the 2000’s the interest in Hot Rodding started to gain momentum and after the Big River Regional Street Rod Nationals held in Barmera in 2006 membership increased markedly.

Now in the 2010’s and following a second Big River Nationals in 2012 the club has a very strong core group of members owning and building a number of ASRF classed vehicles.

Back to the Future

Over the years the main event for the club has been the annual Riverside Campout or Lay’d Back Run or Big River Campout depending on the type of event it was.

After our 10th Anniversary Run we were nominated for and subsequently received a Regional Tourism Award, which at the time was a first for any Hot Rod club in Australia.

Furthermore, we’ve been able to donate to charities well in excess of $10,000 raised at the public Show’n Shines held in the early years of the Run.

We went Back to the Future in 2018 and returned to the Riverside Campout name, but alas even though it has been an icon event on the car scene calendar in South Australia it was the last Campout we will host.

Between 2003 and 2015 Riverside Rodders also hosted the Riverland All Cars Day for all makes of vehicles as well as motor bikes in the later years. This was held in collaboration with the Barmera Primary School as a fund raiser for the school and saw in excess of $10,000 raised over the years.

Whilst this may be an interesting history for a country based Hot Rod club, we look forward to more years of history building with new members and Hot Rods.

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Eligible Club Vehicles

Your recognised “Club Vehicle” means any pre-1949 Street Rod and 1949 to 1966 Custom/Classic vehicle as recognized by the Australian Street Rod Federation legally registered for use within South Australia that is owned by or registered in the name of a Riverside Rodders Member.

A Street Rod is a vehicle, the body and chassis of which were manufactured prior to the year 1949 (or one which retains original body styling through to the termination of the manufacturing design), which has been modified or a replica thereof which has been modified.

Street Rod Body Styles are:

  • Roadsters (including cabriolets, convertibles and turtle decks)
  • Tourers (including phaetons)
  • Sedans – 4 Door (and station wagons)
  • Tudors (including Slopers and Victorias)
  • Coupes (including club coupes and sport coupes)
  • Commercial (including Sedan delivery, Hearse and Panels)
  • T Buckets (not including turtle decks)
  • Pick Up (including Utilities and Trucks)

A Custom is a vehicle which was manufactured between 1949 and 1965 inclusive (or one which retains original body styling through to the termination of the manufacturing design) which has received body and/or mechanical modifications.

A Classic vehicle was manufactured between 1949 and 1965 inclusive (or one which retains original body styling through to the termination of the manufacturing design) that is as originally manufactured (restored) or may have mechanical and appearance modifications.

Classic Body Styles are:

  • Sedan (including Convertibles and Station Wagons)
  • Commercial (including Pick-ups, Utilities, Panel Vans, Deliveries and Trucks)


Membership is available to people who own or demonstrate a genuine interest in the future ownership of all ASRF class vehicles and are interested in furthering the objectives of Riverside Rodders.

Our club objectives are:

  • To encourage the use of original, restored and legally modified ASRF class vehicles
  • To provide members with information and assistance to preserve, restore, maintain or legally modify ASRF class vehicles
  • To act as a recognised motor vehicle club for the Club Registration of historic, left hand drive and street rod vehicles
  • To promote and encourage social activities in Riverside Rodders and with similar clubs and organisations

Membership Details:

  • Riverside Rodders offers individual and partner membership
  • Fees: Individual Membership has been set at an annual fee of $50
  • Members of Riverside Rodders Inc are deemed to be full members of RCC but are only required to pay a $10 annual membership fee
  • Partners/family of a Riverside Rodders Inc member receive a 50% discount on their membership fee to RCC. This equates to an annual fee of $25
  • Members must attend the Annual General Meeting and a minimum of 6 official Club events during each 12 month period

Access to Club Registration is not available to prospective members.

Club Registration

Riverside Rodders are a “recognized motor vehicle club” by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles SA and are able to issue approvals to club members for club registration of historic, prescribed left hand drive and street rod vehicles in accordance with the Motor Vehicles Act and Regulations.

Club Registration Authorized Persons will inspect and assess members vehicles for compliance and complete all administrative processes as required by the “Code of Practice for Historic, Left Hand Drive and Street Rod Vehicles 90 day Club Registration Scheme” Club Registration – Code of Practice PDF.

Other vehicles, if 30 years or more have elapsed since 1 January of the year in which the vehicle was manufactured, that are owned by or registered in the name of a Riverside Rodders member may also be approved for Club Registration, but not recognised as a club vehicle.

Definitions for vehicles acceptable for club registration are:

Historic: A motor vehicle is a historic vehicle, if 30 years or more have elapsed since 1 January of the year in which the vehicle was manufactured. Any vehicle fitting this definition is eligible for the Scheme provided it can legally be driven on public roads in its current configuration.

Left-hand drive: A motor vehicle is a left hand drive vehicle, if 30 years or more have elapsed since 1 January of the year in which the vehicle was manufactured, and that vehicle has its steering wheel on the left of the longitudinal axis of the vehicle.
The vehicle must have a Left Hand Drive Exemption in the form of a Certificate of Exemption pursuant to section 163AA of the Road Traffic Act 1961 and must include any vehicle modifications outside of those permitted.

Street Rod: A motor vehicle is a street rod vehicle if it is a motor vehicle that has been modified for safe use on roads and has a body and frame that were built before 1949 or is a replica of a vehicle the body and frame of which were built before 1949. The street rod vehicle must also have in force an exemption under section 163AA of the Road Traffic Act 1961 from compliance with specified Australian Design Rules or other vehicle standards prescribed under that Act.

In the event that a club registered vehicle is found to be in contravention of the conditions of club registration by the recognised authorised club persons or relevant government authorities/personnel, the membership of the vehicle owner may be reviewed and considered for cancellation by the Executive. Upon cancellation of membership, any club registration privileges previously afforded to the expelled member will also cease.

Administration fees for compliance inspection payable to the Club:

  • Initial inspection of first car – $50
  • Inspection of second and additional cars – $25 each

Once approved by the Club’s Authorised Person the owner is responsible for submitting the necessary paperwork and payment of any associated fees to the Registrar of Motor Vehicles.

Upon expiry or replacement (if required) of the Club Registration Log Book a fee (to be determined) will be payable to the Club.

May and June meetings may be used to update Club Registration log book membership after payment of annual club membership fees.

Membership Enquiry